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Ant Control

Ant control is a common kind of pest control, especially in the Australian summer season.

Of the thousands of ant varieties that exist in Australia, there is only a minority that are considered to be pests.

Black house ants, as well as Coastal Brown ants that develop large nests around houses, are two of the most concerning with home owners, mainly due to their persistence in entering their homes.

Externally, Greenhead ants, Bull ants and Fire ants are of the main concern, due to their ability to inflict very painful bites to their victims.

Where do ants live around homes?

Ants stay in nests which may be found in the garden area, around wood, under pavers, in wall surfaces and roof voids. They often travel distances scavenging for food and water. Most species of ants will definitely plan to take food back to their nest, and are very methodical in their ways of transporting food items they have detected.

What time of year are ants most present?

Ants can be discovered all year around. Typically, ants are found throughout periods of high humidity, heat and rain. New nests are regularly established in locations where ants may not have actually been seen before.

Besides their nests, you will definitely see them crawling in your kitchen area, cupboards, bathroom, laundry, along paths as well as anywhere they can find food or water.

Ant control using a non repellent professional product which triggers a transfer effect to the nest is very efficient. Additionally, professional gels and granules available today greatly assist in treating household ant activity. The huge advantage in using professional non-repellent products via your pest technician is that the ants carry the product back to their nest to achieve much more effective control when compared to repellent products such as retail surface sprays, which will kill any insects that come into contact with it, but will have no impact on the nest itself. This is why we will always use the non repellent options where ever possible.

Why are ants known as a pest?

Ants are considered bugs for a variety of reasons. To begin with, people often see them as a headache around a home. Not only can tracking ants be unpleasant, but they can contaminate food.

Second of all, several pest species can give a nasty bite to unwitting victims

Depending on the type of ants, they are capable of entering wall cavities and roof spaces. Other types can create soil nests around yards.

How do you get rid of ants in your house?

While there are steps you can follow to minimise an ant infestation, sometimes you need to get the assistance of a professional pest control technician.

Tips for DIY ant control:

  • Tidying up food spills quickly.
  • Removing unconsumed animal food.
  • Changing animal feeding places on a regular basis.
  • Reducing plants as well as trees that are touching your house.
  • We can give professional and reliable ant pest control 

To arrange an ant control service, contact us today to make a booking.

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