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We are very proud to announce that Liquidators Pest Control has now formed an alliance with Jeepers Creepers Pest Solutions.

We share a very proud history with Liquidators Pest Control, which was originally established by my late father Ronald Garrett, way back in 1972. Liquidators Pest Control has been owned and operated very successfully  by David Kier and his family for the past twenty years. However, when the time came for David to retire late last year, coupled with my son Matthew and son in law Christopher both coming on board with me as fully licenced and experienced pest technicians, the timing of the opportunity to bring Liquidators Pest Control back into our family fold was perfect and felt like it was meant to be.

Liquidators Pest Control is now entering its 50th year of operation, and in this time has only ever been in the hands of two families.  We are determined to continue the legacy this business has built during its time under first my father’s and my ownership, followed by David’s ownership, and finally back into my family’s hands once again.  I would also like to thank David for the excellent way in which he has operated the business under his ownership, and would like to wish him a very happy and deserved retirement.

Liquidators Pest Control and Jeepers Creepers Pest Solutions will continue to trade as their own businesses.  My son in law Christopher Bravo will take full control and ownership of Liquidators Pest Control as of 31st March 2022.  However, both businesses will continue to assist and support each other through our family ties. Chris will soon be launching his own website for Liquidators Pest Control. In the meantime, we would really appreciate any opportunity to prove that these two family businesses of ours will continue to provide excellent pest management services, consistent with the motto we have held strongly for many years now:         “Combining today’s technology with yesterday’s service”

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