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Mosquito Control

Everyone understands just how irritating, as well as undesirable mosquitoes and midges can be.

Somehow, despite the variety of ways you care to swat and prevent these pests, there always  seems to be dozens that intend on giving you a nasty bite!

Below is some information that can help you control these unpleasant pests:

  • They can establish from eggs to grown-ups in just six to ten days.
  • They are found near to still water, where their larvae feed and additionally develop.
  • They seem to be drawn to dazzling colours, lights.
  • Mosquitos will usually bite you at dawn or sundown. That’s when their internal clocks tell them it’s feeding time.

Indications that mosquitos are present

Mosquitos along with midges can make life unpleasant. Constantly needing to find a victim mosquitos can be an uncomfortable pest to have around. Even if you’ve taken measures to stop them, a bug zapper or candles, there always seems to be one more waiting in the wings.

How to determine if you have a mosquito problem

  • Mosquitos commonly make that familiar high pitched buzzing noise.
  • Bites are an apparent giveaway, differing from mildly bothersome to exceptionally swollen with swelling.
  • It’s the female mosquito that strikes people, the male will feed off nectar as well as numerous other sweet things.
  • The adults are drawn to standing water including water bowls, water trays under plant pots where they lay their eggs.
  • You could find them walking upside-down on ceilings as well on glass surfaces.
  • Mosquitos travel a low way so if there’s standing water within a mile of your residence it could be the source of your troubles.
  • Mosquitos can be attracted to your lawn or bushes if it is well watered.

Mosquito control and elimination

Our very trained technicians are experts in the habits of mosquitos and midges. They can supply one of the most reliable pest control solutions for your mosquito problem and advice on how to keep these pests away.

Avoiding Mosquitos

Mozzies are popular in Australia and no one likes it! There are a couple of factors you can do around your home or business to stop these pesky bloodsuckers including a comprehensive treatment of the area.

Mosquito bites

Mosquito bites are generally unpleasant and the itching that comes with it can cause some slight pain and discomfort.

There are simple methods you can protect yourself and stay clear of the numerous health issues related to mosquitos and midge bites:

  • In Australia, it is unusual for insects or biting insects to send disease. The primary threat from insect bites is the prospective skin inflammation. Although, they have been known to carry diseases like Ross River Virus.
  • Response to bites will vary from one person to another. Signs they develop are just our immune system’s action to their saliva. Mosquitoes do not actually infuse anything right into us when they bite.

Self-treatment of bites:

  • Clean the injury. This is one of the most important treatments for a mosquito or midge bite.
  • Use a compress. Swelling can be minimised swiftly after a bite by covering it with an freezing compress such as ice in a cloth (yet never ever hold ice straight on the skin). It may take a week to go down and also may remain scratchy for a number of days.
  • Take antihistamines. Irritability and swelling can be removed with antihistamines Oral antihistamines (hayfever tablets) can additionally help if you have a number of bites.
  • Do not scratch. Try and prevent damaging as this will absolutely increase the impulse to scratch more and can also create the bite coming to be contaminated by microorganisms.

Mosquito control for your home or business

If you have a mosquito problem you’ll want to eliminate it without quickly. It’s not only a nuisance for yourself but, for your customers and your reputation.

To arrange a mosquito control service, contact us today to make a booking.

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