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Pest Control Services Benowa

With spring well and truly upon us now, pests have become very active across Benowa. Spring is the breeding season so a few pests can become hundreds quickly infesting homes and businesses in the area.

Recently we conducted a pest control service at a home in Benowa. Our customer had discovered a large number of ants climbing the walls around the front door and porch area. In addition, they noticed cockroaches scurrying around the home at night. They had tried to use products from Bunnings but this did not stop the pests.

We were able to locate the source or nest of the ants and effectively treat these pests with a gel and baiting product. We sprayed the affected areas inside the home and applied a barrier around the home to stop cockroaches. The good news is that this has stopped these pests from returning and our customer is very pleased.

The recent rain and warmer weather is perfect for these pests to thrive in. This is why it’s important to apply a pest control treatment now before it becomes a big problem.

Ant Control Benowa

As mentioned, ants are highly active right now in Benowa. These pests can easily access a home via cracks and crevices around doors and windows, setting up home in your home.

Typically, they will be found in wet areas such as the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and toilet rooms of a home. They are looking for food and water and a place to live. Once inside, they can multiply and become an annoying problem.

They will often try and access food storage pantries to consume foods. It’s important to ensure all stored food is sealed in containers to stop this from happening. They are also found in bathrooms on window sills and floors.

Outside you can see them tracking or climbing walls, moving across pavements and concreted areas such as driveways and entertainment areas.

How do you treat ants in Benowa?

Our licensed technicians will visit your home and start by conducting a full inspection of the property inside and out. This will allow them to locate the source of the ant problem and establish what treatment methods will be used to control these pests.

Once complete, we will apply methods including a surface gel and gel baits where the ants are active. These treatments are designed to stop ants in their tracks quickly and prevent more ants from entering the space.

We will also provide DIY tips to help stop ants from returning to your home or business.

DIY Tips

There are things you can easily do to help reduce the chance of cockroaches and other Spring pests at your home. These include:

  • Ensure garbage is bagged in the household bin.
  • Clean the household bin with a hose and disinfectant.
  • Close up any cracks or crevices on windows and doors with sealant.
  • Remove uneaten pet foods from bowls outside.
  • Clean any BBQ’s and remove oil and grease spill waste.
  • Ensure stored foods are kept in a closed container in the kitchen.

Arrange Pest Control Services Benowa

If you’ve seen ants, cockroaches or other pests around your home and want to arrange Pest Control Services Benowa, contact the team today to arrange a service.