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Spring Pest Control Gold Coast

With Spring upon us now, pests are beginning their annual breeding season. As the weather warms up, you will start seeing more ants, cockroaches, spiders around your home or business.

These pests are well known to establish themselves in and around homes inside and out, causing an unpleasant environment to live in sometimes damage to the property.

It’s important to get these pests under control fast before they become a bigger problem.

How do I get rid of Spring pests?

The most effective way to remove these pests and get them under control is to arrange a professional pest control service. DIY products do not have the same level of protection and can be expensive to buy. Our integrated pest control services are designed to control and remove these pests during the Spring season.

Where will I find these pests around my home?

Ants, cockroaches and spiders will typically live in a variety of places around a home, including:

  • Roof void.
  • Wall cavities.
  • Sub-floors.
  • Wet areas including kitchens, bathrooms, laundries.
  • Gardens.
  • BBQ and entertainment areas.
  • Sheds and garages.

How we can protect your home from Spring pests

When you arrange your Spring pest control service, we will arrive at your property and follow a detailed treatment method. Our team also follows a Covid 19 plan before and during the service for your peace of mind. Our service will include:

A thorough inspection of the home or business inside and out. Here we will locate the source of the problem and identify the pest type. Often homeowners are unaware of the full extent of the pest problem.

We then formulate the correct treatment method and products to control and remove the pests found in the areas mentioned previously.

We treat the wet areas by directly targeting the active pests in these areas. This is done in a safe manner to reduce your exposure to the treatment products. We will also treat lounge rooms, bedrooms, studies as required.

We apply treatment to the wall cavities via weep holes on the external walls. Cockroaches are well known for entering a property via these holes and it’s common for them to scurry out in numbers when the treatment is applied.

If your home has a sub-floor area, we will also treat this space. These areas can be a feeding ground for cockroaches and a place where they harbour in high numbers.

An external barrier treatment will also be applied around the perimeter of the home or business. This will stop crawling pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders from crossing the barrier in an attempt to access the building. Tactical treatments are also applied to nests in gardens and yards to eliminate these pests. External walls are also treated to reduce spiders from establishing webs in these areas.

Your technician will also provide information on the treatment done and ways to ensure these pests won’t return to the property.

DIY Tips to help reduce Spring Pests

Once the treatment is complete, it’s important to maintain the service moving forward. This can be achieved with simple DIY steps including:

  • Removing visible spider webs on the home.
  • Keeping bins and bin areas clean.
  • Trimming tree branches close to gutters and the roof line.
  • Repairing and filling cracks and crevices on windows and doors.

Get rid of Spring pests

If you’re seeing Spring pests active around your home or business now, contact the team from Jeepers Creepers Pest Solutions to arrange a service today!